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Board of Directors Resolution subsequent to election of the new Board

With reference to the Resolutions of  the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of United Power Company SAOG held on 28 March 2017 and  the election of a new Board of Directors (9 Seats) and to the Board of Directors' meeting immediately following the election of the new Board, it is resolved  : 


1- Mr. Murthadha bin Ahmed bin Sultan is elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors.


2- Mr. Bander Ahmed Allaf is elected as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.


3- Mr. Guillaume Baudet is nominated as Company Secretary.


 4- To form the Audit Committee   as follows: 


a. Mr. Yaseen Abdullatif  - Chairman

b. Mr. Grahame Farquhar- member  

c. Rayan Zanin- member 


5- To form the Nomination and Remuneration  Committee  as follows:


a. Mr. Bander Ahmed Allaf – Chairman.


b. Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al Mamari- Member.


c. Mr. Febrizio Bocciardi- Member