united power company ( SAOC )

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Board of Directors

#Position Name Representation
Chairman Mr. Murtadha Ahmed Sultan Representative of MGEC (Oman) Holdings Limited
Vice-Chairman Dr. Suhaib Abudayyeh  
Director Mr. Nicholai Georgiou  
Director Mr. Khalid Ansari   
Director Mr. Munawar Ali Cassoobhai  


Name Year of Joining Education     Experience
Mr. Murtadha Ahmed Sultan 1994 Graduate - Sales and Marketing Management Director of W. J. Towell Group of Companies
Well known in the business community, Mr. Sultan has more than 34 years’ experience in different commercial fields; holding or held various positions in  public,  private  and government organizations.
Mr. Murtadha Sultan is also the Chairman of Sohar Power Company.  He is also a Director of Oman Flour Mills and Gulf International Chemicals.
Dr. Suhaib Abudayyeh      
Mr. Nicholai Georgiou  



Mr. Khalid Ansari       
Mr. Munawar Ali Cassoobhai