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2016 Activities

In line with the directives by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said on the responsibilities of the private sector in respect of their contribution to the social development of communities; United Power Company takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously. Over the years, the Company has actively supported local community bodies, schools and charity organizations. Valuing the importance of the youth of Oman in future progress of the country, the Company considers education as a cornerstone and accordingly takes special interests in the sponsorship and support of education and sports; two foundations for the all-round development of a young mind.

In 2016, the Company focused its efforts on education projects, youth & sports activities, society support and municipal activities. The Company carried out the following projects during the year:

• Distribution of stationery items to all students of low income families: The supervision of this activity was managed by Manah Charity Team who keeps updated registers of all the needy students in all schools located in Manah. The financial support was used to purchase stationery items (writing books, pens, pencils, color pencils, drawing books, etc.) to a total 428 needy students.

• Sponsorship of Oman Dental Students’ Symposium: The event was spread over two days that included lectures and workshops covering different specialties. Few doctors from the GCCC also participated in the symposium. Main participants were dental students and fresh graduates.

• Support to Omani Women Association Manah: The financial support was utilized to equip the Children Corner at the Association premises and to assist purchasing of essential furniture and office stationery and to cover some of its activities.

• Sponsoring Open Day for Al Arabi Team in Manah: The club is under the umbrella of Al Bashaier Club of Manah. Participants, totaling 450 persons from different ages, were divided into four groups to carry out, among other activities: cleaning of falajes, cemetery, pathways, mosques, neighborhoods, trees trimming and general cleaning activities in Manah. It was a full day event which concluded with sports activities and cultural competitions.

• UPC also provided financial aid to Al Arabi Team for building concrete stands to hold the flashlights of the Team’s playfield.

• The Company also renewed its membership with Environment Society Oman (ESO) and participated in Earth Hour event as the Bronze Sponsor. The event was organized by ESO: Every year ESO asks companies, individuals, the government sector and schools to commit to turning off all non-essential lighting during Earth Hour on March 19th between 8:30 and 9:30 pm. Earth Hour event started 8 years ago is meant to do more than lights being turned off, but raise awareness of climate change and to unite people and show our desire to protect the planet and encourage and empower people to take action beyond the hour itself.

• Financial contribution towards sponsoring Manah National Pharmacy Conference: The Conference aimed to encourage pharmacist to be updated with latest pharmaceutical skills and knowledge, strengthen community education and to concentrate more on preventive measures, improve the quality of pharmaceutical service, update pharmaceutical service knowledge and skills for doctors and staff nurse and to orient pharmaceutical students about pharmaceutical service.

• Traffic Safety Campaign: The campaign was organized by Royal Oman Police for one week in the month of March 2016. It aimed to limit traffic accidents and related losses in lives & assets and address the matter as a development hindrance issue. The campaign included an exhibition where safety gears and traffic safety guidelines were displayed, plays on traffic; a mini traffic village was setup for students. The program also included visits by students to hospitals for the injured in traffic accidents. The function was part of GCCC Traffic Week.

• The Company also sponsored a fund raising event and provided some financial contribution to a graduation ceremony.