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Activities - 2013

In line with the directives enunciated by His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, on the responsibilities of private companies in respect of their contribution to the social development of communities; United Power Company takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen very seriously.  Over the years, the Company has actively supported local community bodies, schools and charity organizations. Recognizing the fact that the future of the country will be in the hands of its youth, the Company takes special interests in the sponsorship and support of education and sports; two foundations for the all-round development of a young mind.

In 2013, the company focused its efforts on education projects, youth & sports activities, on direct social support and municipal activities. The Company carried out the following projects during the year:

Educational Activities:

  • Financial support to Izz School for their educational project.
  • Purchase of stationery for Manah nursery and literacy center.
  • Purchase of stationery to all students from low income families in the wilayat of Manah.
  • Financial support to Manah School to install lockers.
  • Financial support to scholar Mohammad bin Masoud public library.

Social Activities:

  • Sponsoring the annual anniversary for Manah Charity Association
  • Sponsoring Injaz Private School carnival for fund raising.
  • Sponsoring fund raising project by Dar Al Atta Association.
  • Sponsoring fund raising for the orphanages
  • Financial support for pre-marriage medical check.
  • Donation for welfare activities to needy expat workers.
  • Financial support to Manah Municipality.

Youth and Sports

  • Financial support towards installing a signboard for Al Bashaier club in Manah.
  • Sponsoring Oman Forum for creating jobs for the youth.
  • Financial contribution for social activities carried out by Al Bashaier club in Manah.
  • Sponsoring the open day organized by Al Bashaier club in Manah.