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About Us

United Power Company (SAOC) (the "Company") was formed and registered as a joint stock Company on January 9 th , 1995. The public currently owns 40% of the Company's shares while the founder shareholders own 60%.

The construction and installation of the turbines were completed in May 2000, and thereafter the electricity was delivered to the grid. The official commercial operation was notified as 19 May 2000. The total capacity of the plant, therefore, reached 270 MW. Consequent to the extension of the facilities, the life of the project has been extended to 30 April 2020 taking into account the initial term of the extension project and the Company life has been extended by another five years to 9 January 2025. The Company will continue to own and operate the Manah Power Station (both Phases) and own the ITF till this date.

The Manah Power Station operates on Dispatch Orders from Oman Power and Water Procurement Company ("OPWP") and all of the net energy from the Manah Power Station is sold to OPWP, which is responsible for all power purchase in Oman.

The Project constitutes the first privately developed and owned power plant in Sultanate of Oman and the first interconnection of privately constructed transmission facilities with the country's national grid.

UPC maintains an administrative office in Muscat.