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2015 Activities


In line with the directives by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said on the responsibilities of the private sector in respect of their contribution to the social development of communities; United Power Company takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously. Over the years, the Company has actively supported local community bodies, schools and charity organizations. Valuing the importance of the youth of Oman in future progress of the country, the Company considers education as a cornerstone and accordingly takes special interests in the sponsorship and support of education and sports; two foundations for the all-round development of a young mind.

In 2015 as well, the Company focused its efforts on education projects, youth & sports activities, on direct social support and municipal activities. The Company carried out the following projects during the year:

Educational Activities

  • Distribution of stationary items to all students of low income families in collaboration with Manah Charity which   keeps record of all low income families in Manah.
  • Participated in a project which identifies teachers and students who have excelled in their field in collaboration     with the Wali Office in Manah.
  • Sponsoring the first symposium on Assistive Technology for Special Needs in Higher Education, Sultan             Qaboos University.
  • Sponsoring the Disabled Support Team at Sultan Qaboos University.

Social Activities: Financial donation to

  • Financial support to Oman Cancer Association.
  • Membership in Oman Environment Society.
  • Sponsoring a fund raising event of Dar Al Atta Association.
  • Financial support to a wing of a social club for their events.

Youth & Sports: Sponsorship/financial support

  • Sponsoring the Open Day for Al Bashaer Club in Manah which included recreational activities and        cleaning campaign of the villages.
  • Sponsoring Al Arabi Team in Manah for the summer camp which included cleaning of particular areas, holding    leisure competitions, computer courses and lectures.
  • Financial support to Izz Club in Manah toward improving the Club’s facilities.